Restitution for Victims of Crime

Battlefords Victim Services offers a range of services to help you cope with what has happened, including assistance with a Restitution application.

What is Restitution?

Restitution is money ordered by the court to be paid to a victim as part of an offender's sentence.
It is money paid to a victim for the actual loss or damage resulting from crime.
This is one way the offender can make up for the harm you have experienced.

What Does Restitution Pay For?

  • damage or loss to your property
  • financial loss due to fraud
  • financial loss or expenses due to a physical injury
  • The expenses of temporary housing, food, childcare, transportation or moving out of the offender's household where the harm is to the offender's spouse or child.
  • Financial loss due to unknowingly buying stolen property that has been returned to its lawful owner.

How do I Apply for Restitution?

A Restitution Application form must be completed and returned to the investigating police officer or Prosecutor as soon as possible. You can also bring it to your local Victim Services Program to have them pass it along to the prosecution. This form will provide the Prosecutor with the necessary information to ask the Judge to order restitution if someone is found guilty.

To obtain a form or receive assistance in completing the form, please contact Battlefords Victim Services at the Battlefords RCMP Detachment at 1052 101st Street North Battleford or call the office at (306) 446-1550 during office hours.

The form can also be obtained from the Ministry of Justice website:
Victim Impact Statement/Restitution application