Aboriginal Resources

Battlefords Victim Services offers a range of services to help you cope with what has happened, including the Aboriginal Resource Officer Program.

What is the Aboriginal Resource Officer Program?

The Aboriginal Resource Officer Program provides Aboriginal victims of crime and trauma with: crisis intervention and support, criminal justice information, referrals to appropriate services, assistance with applications for Victims Compensation and/or Restitution and Victim Impact Statements, court orientation, court accompaniment, and case updates.

Talk to Someone You Trust

Healing is a personal journey, but a caring person can help you work through your pain. Destructive behavior can be changed. Explore your history. Begin your own healing process. Join in healing activities or cultural events. Participate in healing workshops. Make time for cultural activities.

To obtain more information about the Aboriginal Resource Officer Program please contact Battlefords Victim Services at the Battlefords RCMP Detachment at 1052 101st Street North Battleford or call the office at (306) 446-1552 during office hours.