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Battlefords Victim Services Inc.
"A Voice for Victims"
1052 101st Street
North Battleford, SK
S9A 0Z3
(306) 446-1550 information/appointments
(306) 446-1720 EMERGENCY
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What does a Volunteer do?
Volunteers are responsible for providing supportive listening, and keeping the Victims of Crime updated and aware of any court information. Volunteers are accountable to the Coordinator. They provide court support, information, act as an advocate for victims of crime and trauma, a shoulder to lean on and any information for and about referral agencies.
Can I be a Volunteer?
If you have a few hours available each week and are interested in contributing to the health of your community, volunteering offers many benefits. You will gain personal satisfaction from helping others, obtain experience relevant to your future employment or educational plans, and meet new people. To become a volunteer at Battlefords Victim Services you must be at least nineteen years old, and be able to pass the RCMP enhanced security clearance. All Volunteers go through the training necessary to handle any situation in the field.
How do I become a Volunteer?
The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out the appropriate application form and submit it to the Coordinator of Battlefords Victim Services. To do this please feel free to contact Battlefords Victim Services at (306) 446-1550. An RCMP enhanced security clearance must be completed before you are approved to start volunteering.


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